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Mental Health and the Church

Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr.
Senior Pastor/Teacher
The House of Hope

"Mental Illness is real.
  It is not a demon."

Haven House Counseling Center, LLC

Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr.
The Vision​​

Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr., Senior Pastor/Teacher of the House of Hope Atlanta (Greater Travelers Rest Baptist Church), is broadly recognized for having a passion for meeting the needs of hurting people.  He receives countless requests for Pastoral Counseling from church and community members who are struggling with their emotional and mental health.  After having experienced the suicidal death of a life-long friend and Pastor diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Dr. Smith has in-depth awareness of the pain that untreated mental illness causes to individuals, families, and communities. 

Importantly, Dr. Smith understands that mental illness is a "health issue."  He recognizes that being diagnosed with a psychological disorder does not reflect a lack of commitment to one's spiritual beliefs.  Dr. Smith is keenly aware that one of the ways in which God delivers emotional and mental healing is through mental health professionals, including Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Psychotherapists.  Because of his depth of insight, Dr. Smith was invited to discuss mental health issues on a national broadcast.  Dr. Smith boldly stated:  "There should not be a demarcation between faith and science. ... Mental illness is real.  It is not a demon."   Please view the inspiring broadcast of Dr. Smith's passionate discussion on depression and suicide among Pastors and community members.  (The video is located on the right of your screen.)

To adequately meet the needs of those who are coping with mental health issues, God gave Dr. Smith a vision for a comprehensive professional counseling center.  Haven House Counseling Center was officially launched on Jan. 21, 2014. The counseling center is staffed by state-licensed Therapists with expertise in multiple treatment methods.  At the height of its operations, Haven House Counseling Center will also be staffed by Psychiatrists and Psychologists.

Dr. E. Dewey Smith, Jr.
Discusses Depression and Suicide

Haven House Counseling Center, LLC
The Mission:  To Serve You With Excellence

The overall mission of Haven House Counseling Center is to meet the emotional and mental health needs of the House of Hope congregation and neighboring communities through the provision of professional mental health services.    We are committed to serving you with excellence!  Utilizing evidence-based therapeutic intervention, we will partner with you to achieve your best psychosocial functioning. 

Our goal is to restore troubled minds, to heal broken hearts, and to soothe wounded spirits.  In so doing, we build healthy individuals, families and communities.  By adhering to and exceeding best practices standards, our aim is to position Haven House Counseling Center as a national and international model for the provision of faith-based, culturally-competent mental health services.  All to the glory of God.  And for the healing of His people.
Our Values

Haven House Counseling Center is a multidisciplinary mental health organization. Our overarching goal is to meet and exceed best practices standards in the provision of mental and emotional health counseling to individuals (adults, teens and children), couples, families, and communities.  We are committed to creating a compassionate and inspirational environment wherein our clients feel safe, supported and understood.  To uphold the mission of Haven House Counseling Center, we stand on the following principles and values:

  • To provide professional, confidential and ethical service to all clients
  • To maintain excellence in our standards of practice as Haven House state-licensed Therapists
  • To generate a supportive and collaborative network internally and externally between House of Hope ministries, community-based organizations and the Haven House Counseling Center
  • To uphold the Christian values and beliefs that solidify the foundation for which Haven House Counseling Center was established
  • To develop innovative, culturally-competent programs and services that will have relevant impact on the community, the state, nationally, and globally

It really is o.k. to seek professional mental health treatment.

​​Prominent Pastors within the Metro Atlanta area join Dr. Smith in encouraging churches to meet the mental health needs of the members of their congregations and community members through professional mental health services.  Rev. Timothy McDonald, Pastor, First Iconium Baptist Church, emphasizes  the importance of utlizing mental health professionals as "instruments of God."  Please view Rev. McDonald's passionate discussion in the video Mental Health and the African American Church (left). Under the leadership of Rev. McDonald and First Lady Shirley McDonald, First Iconium Baptist Church hosted a community-wide
Mental Health Conference in 2016.
Mental Health and the
African American Church

Rev. Timothy McDonald, Pastor
First Iconium Baptist Church

In this inspiring video, Rev. McDonald discusses the important role that the
church plays in addressing
Mental Health. 

Rev. McDonald urges individuals to integrate treatment along with their faith
in the healing process.
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3rd John 1:2 NIV
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